Coastal Flood Resilience Resources

More information on the measures needed to improve coastal flood resilience, developed by organizations and individuals participating in the Coastal Flood Resilience Project.

How to Improve Coastal Flood Resilience

Climate change is causing more severe coastal storms and steadily rising sea levels. These events put lives at risk, cause trillions of dollars of property damage, and damage coastal ecosystems and critical infrastructure. Low-income and minority communities bear a disproportionate share of these risks. 

More information on the measures needed to improve coastal flood resilience can be found in the recommended resources below. 

2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Ocean Climate Action Plan

Center for the Blue Economy

A Resilient Future for Coastal Communities: Federal Policy Recommendations from Solutions in Practice

Energy and Environment Study Institute

Going Under: Long Wait Times for Post-Flood Buyouts Leave Homeowners Underwater

Natural Resources Defense Council

Managed Retreat Toolkit

Georgetown Climate Center

state of the beach report cover.png
2020 State of the Beach Report

Surfrider Foundation

building resilience with nature cover.png
Building Resilience with Nature: Policy Recommendations to Reduce Climate Threats to Communities and Wildlife

National Audubon Society

ocean action agenda cover.png
Ocean Action Agenda

Joint Ocean Commission Initiative; Meridian Institute

when rising seas hit home cover.png
When Rising Seas Hit Home

Union of Concerned Scientists

manifesto cover.png
A Flood Survivor's Manifesto

Anthropocene Alliance

An Ocean and Climate Agenda for the New Administration

Jean Flemma

building a resilient tomorrow.jpeg
Building a Resilient Tomorrow

Alice Hill and Leonardo Martinez-Diaz

A New Coast

Jeffrey Peterson

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